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Author Topic: DharamVeer in 21st Century - Part 28 - Page 35  (Read 3486 times)

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DharamVeer in 21st Century - Part 28 - Page 35
« on: January 11, 2009, 09:04:45 PM »
PART 1-9 :- PAGE 1
PART 19 - PAGE 19 (I LOVE ANANYA?????)
PART 21 - PAGE 26 (FINALLY!!!!!! THE WINNER IS.....)
PART 27 - PAGE 34
PART 28 - PAGE 35

PART 1:-
I know that it isnt possible now but what if there is a Season 2. I was thinking about a story line for it. It should be base on a very modern story. College life in 2008.
Firstly i was thinking that because of some mishappening Dharam, Veer, Shera and Siya die and they get reincarnated after so many centuries.
It goes with the basic concept that has been used in Season 1. Now lets just change Shera's name to Ananya. That would be better.
Dharam is born in a rich family, an industrialist's son. His sister owing to the fact that she has lost her son after being born adopts Veer without telling anyone. They all live together like a happy family. Dharam and Veer are the best of friends.
Dharam is the one who always thinks before he acts and prefers playing by the rule. Well obviously our Veer is not like that. He takes life as it comes and is always ready for a challenge. Both of them go to a college named Aryans College of Science and Arts.
Dharam owns a very stylish Toyota Corolla (I love it) while Veer owns a bike (Vo Hrithik Roshan ka Dhoom 2 vaala red bike. Sorry dont know the name). For a change Veer leaves early this morning and haults his bike at a signal. Another bike, a Karizma comes beside him. The biker looks at him and accelerates his accelerator challenging Veer to a race. The biker is wearing leather jacket and any other cool things that most bikers wear. Both are wearing helmets. They wait for the signal to turn green.
As it does bot of them do a back wheely and wize off at a speed of 250km/hr near marine lines, Bombay. Each is taking over the other. Aryans College is at the end of the road. Who reaches first wins. As they just reach the college not knowing who might win, a child comes in front of Veer's bike. Reacting quickly Veer pulls the breaks. Because of the high speed, his bike slips and he skids off. The other biker wins.
Veer is on the ground and still in a little shock. He looks at the other biker who is approaching him. As the biker reaches where he lies, the biker reaches out a hand to help him. Veer, who is a little egoistic gets up by himself. Veer says "Accha muqabla tha. Main tumhe haraa sakta tha magar yeh bacha beech main aa gaya. kismat acchi hain tumhari." The biker looks at him and says "Oh really!!!!!!!!!"
Veer is shocked to hear a feminish voice. The biker removes his helmet and Veer is shocked to see that it is a girl after all. "Ananya kissi se haarti nahin. Aur tum haar chuke ho. Bahaana banaane ki koi zaroorat nahin."
Veer says "Dobaara mujse muqabla karo. Veer ko bhi ladna aata hain"
Ananya says "Theek hain, agar haarne ka itna shock hain toh ek aur muqabla ho jaae. Tumhara saara ghamand toot nahin gaya toh mera naam ananya nahin"
Veer says "Toh dusra naam doondlo kyunki tu Veer se haar jaaegi"
Ananya says "Dekh lenge"
Guys this is my vision only for the first epi. What do you think? Interesting naa................... Please do add your details. I hope they make something like this...............
PART 2:-

Chalo now lets switch over to Dharam. As anyone living in Bombay knows that the traffic is so unpredictable, Dharam got stuck in trsffic. No worries as there was still loads of time for college to start. Seeing that the traffic was going no where, he did his favourite passtime. He opened a book of Jeffrey Archer and started reading. As he was doing so, the reflection of the sun hit his face. He was blinded for a few moments and looked in the direction.
As he turned his head, he saw a girl wearing a salwar kameez trying to cross the road. Her kamees had small mirror works which caused the reflection. Dharam saw her and didnt want to see anything else for the rest of his life. The innocence in her face caught his complete attention. He had never seen a combination of such beauty and innocence. She was also eating an ice cream. It was dripping from her mouth. Dharam thought that that ice cream was so lucky.
Suddenly due to the sound of horns he saw that the traffic was finally moving. He cursed it whole heartedly. I told you that Mumbai's traffic is unpredictable........... 

PART 3:-

Dharam drove his car to his new college. He was very excited about his first day of BA and also about the girl. Dharam and Veer had just shifted to Bombay and they has already missed 2 months of their new course. Dharam was looking for parking space which again is difficult to find when he saw Veer and Ananya arguing. He parked his car and went towards them.
Dharam:- Veer yeh kya ho raha hain? Maine tumhe rukhne ke liya kaha aur tum ho ki aise he mujhe choker chale gaye........
Dharam say Ananya in a very angry mood.
Dharam:- Veer yeh kaun hain?
Veer:- Hain ek ghamandi ladki...................
Ananya came closer to Veer but not at all in a romantic way.
Ananya:- Dekh, tu ab tak mujhe jaanta nahin hain. Ek ulte haat ki dungi toh tera akal thikane pe aayega Samajha......
Veer went towards Anaya in an angry mood but Dharam stopped him from getting any closer.
Dharam:- Veer hosh main toh ho? Aisa swabhav accha nahin hain......
Veer:- Chodo mujha Dharam. Main is ladki ko abhi thek karta ho.
Ananya let out a very sarcastic laugh.
Ananya:- Dharam aur Veer!!!!!!!! Accha hain. Aisa lagta hain ki main history ki kitab padh rahi hoon. Jethne puraane tumhare naam hain, utne puraane tum dono ki soch hain. Tu ek baar mujse muqabla kar
Veer went for another attack but Dharam stopped him.
Dharam:- Dekho Ananya, Veer ko baar baar lalkaarna bandh karo.
Ananya:- Kyun darr jaaega kya. Main chunaunti se peche nahin hat thi.
Dharam:- Agar aise baat hain to theke. Veer tumse dobaara muqabla karega issi jagaha pe.............
Ananya:- Mujha manzoor hain. (Looking at Veer she said.........) Haarne ke liye tayaar ho jao.
Dharam and Veer entered their new college. Dharam was quiet nervous but Veer was very chilled out.
They entered their classroom with everyone staring at them. Dharam got very nervous but Veer just back at them and smiled back. Looking at his smile and gorgeous looks many girls in the class started blushing. The bell rang. Many people came inside the classroom while a few who didn’t want to attend the lecture left the room. Veer sat beside another guy. He introduced himself as Akshay. They automatically clicked as they had some common interests. Dharam sat in front of Veer and Akshay. He wanted to sit with Veer but Veer wanted him to stay alone and meet new people. That the only way he wont get nervous.
Ananya entered the room and acted as though she owned it. Veer saw and his mood completely changed.
Veer:- Hey bhagwan yeh ladki yahan pe bhi.........
Akshay:- Kaun, Ananya?
Veer:- Yaar, tum jaante nahin ho. Yeh ladki bahut ajeeb hain. Har baath pe jhagada karti hain aur bahut ghamandi hain.
Akshay:- Main usko jaanta hoon. Vo itni bhi buri nahin hain.......
Veer said jokingly........
Veer:- Taarif kyun kar rahe ho? Tum usko pasand karte ho kya?
Akshay gave a very weird expression.
Akshay:- She is my sister.................
Veer was rather embarrassed. Before Veer could apologise the lecturer came in. Everyone stood up, reluctantly ofcourse. 5 minutes after the lecture started, Sia entered the room. She apologised for being late. She saw that the room was full and there was no place to sit. She saw that only one space was empty ie besides Dharam. She went and sat there. Dharam lost it completely. He was staring at her and remembered the first time he saw her. She looked at Dharam and smiled but kept her distance. Dharam realised she was getting uncomfortable and stopped staring and tried to concentrate in the lecture.

Part 4:-

The professor was busy explaining Economics. Some paid attention while many snored. Anyone would guess that they were attending just for attendance. Dharam tried hard to concentrate but couldn’t. He had the constant urge of looking at Sia. Sia on the other hand was actually paying attention and also making notes which is very rare for any college going student. Its a miracle if you are even listening to the professor. Dharam kept glancing at her. While writing a small strand of hair fell on her face. She placed it back in it original position. Dharam blushed. Suddenly a small ball of paper was thrown towards Dharam from behind. He picked it up and opened it. It said, “LAGE RAHO!” Dharam looked behind and saw Veer laughing mischievously. Dharam threw the paper back at him.
Veer was just too bored to pay attention. He was monitoring the entire class and seeing if anyone was doing any mischief. His mood became a little off when he saw Ananya. She too was least bothered and was texting someone through her cellphone while chewing gum. Veer was just about to look towards the board until he saw what happened next.
Ananya was sitting with a girl named Simran. She was pretty but not as much as Ananya. But her beauty showed because she was taking care of herself. Ananya was least bothered about most things especially about the way she looked. Someone threw a paper ball at Simran. She picked it up. It was a very cheesy love letter. Simran turned back to see who threw it. A guy sitting on Simran’s right and two benches behind was smiling devilishly. He was none other than Agastya the self proclaimed playboy.(He is Agni. His hair this time is trimmed. Changed the name as Agni sounds very ancient. Hope you like it)  Simran got worried. Anaya took the paper from her and read it. She looked back and saw that Agastya was winking at her. Without a second thought, Ananya removed a crazy ball (A small but hard rubber ball) from her pocket and threw it towards Agastya. He wasn’t ready and it hit him directly on the head. The ball returned back to Anaya’s hand. Agastya was writhing in pain. He looked at Ananya angrily. Ananya told Simran not to worry. Looking at this Veer let out a little smirk. He had to admit it, this girl has got guts.
Ananya heard Veer’s smirk and looked at him. He stopped smirking. She pointed her finger at him and gave him a thumbs down signal. Looking at this Veer got irritated and pulled out his tongue to her. Dharam desperately wanted to talk to Sia but was feeling to shy.
The lecture got over. Sia packed her handbag and left. Dharam just stared. Veer got up with his new friend Akshay and told Dharam to come along. Ananya was also moving out at the same time. She didn’t look at Veer. Agastya caught hold of Ananya’s hand. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Anaya look behind.
Agastya:- Ananya tera problem kya hain? Vo letter tere liya nahin tha. Toh tujhe gussa hone ki koi zaroorat nahin thi.
Ananya:- Pehle haath chod.
Agastya:- Kyun sharam aa rahi hain? Tumhe bura lag raha hain ki maine tumhe vo letter nahin diya? Thek hain, agli baar tere liye ek letter likh dunga.
He gave another evil smile.
Again without warning Ananya gave one punch to Agastya in the stomach. He was writhing in pain again and let go of Ananya’s hand. Looking at this everyone gave out an“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” sound which usually happens before a fight is to occur.
Ananya:- Dobaara bola toh meri maar isse jyada hoga. Apna shakal aaine main dekh. Gadha kahika. I would rather kiss a toilet seat than to be with you. Get lost!!
Veer started smirking again. Agastya looked at him. Veer didn’t care and was still laughing. Agastya left.
Dharam:- Veer, pehlese dushman kyun banaa rahe ho?
Veer:- Arre yaar, he deserved it. Usko aur bhi sharmindagi ki baath hain kyunki vo ek ladki se haar gaya.
Akshay:- Arre tum dono jaante nahin ho. Ananya aur Agastya ek dusre se nafrat karte hain. Agastya har muqable main Ananya se haar jaata hain.
Veer:- Toh vo Ananya ko love letter kyun dena chahata hain?
Akshay:- Reputation yaar, reputation. Agastya bahut bada flirt hain. Har ladki aaasaani se ya mushkil se usse patt jaati hain. Ananya usko bhav he nahin deti. She cares a damn. Agastya ko aur challenging lagta hain. That why he keeps trying again and again and also gets beaten again and again. Now let go. Its lunch time. Canteen jaate hain.

PART 5:-

Dharam, Veer and Akshay head to the canteen. They believed Akshay when he said that the canteen is the crowdest place in any college when they say the canteen. There was absolutely no place to sit. They somehow managed to catch a place after a long wait. They sat down. Ananya was sitting at a table next to theirs. Veer did everything possible to avoid her because he knew that if he saw her even once she would do something to irritate her.
Akshay:- Hey i am goimg to get some bhel puri for me. Tum logon ko kya chahiye?
Veer:- No thanks. We brought something from home to eat.
Akshay:- Thats strange. Hardly anyone brings something from home. Everyone eats in the canteen. They are bored of home food.
Veer:- Well, mujhe apni maa ka khaana bahut pasand hain. (Aww!!! Thats so sweet...........)
Dharam:- Even i am fine Akshay. Go and get something for yourself to eat.
Akshay came back with some food to eat when Ananya said...........
Ananya:- Dekho toh.......... Bacche tiffin khaa rahein hain
Veer had enough. He got up but Dharam stopped him again.
Dharam:- Jaane do Veer. Tum bas khaana khao.
Akshay:- Ananya, en logon ka pehla din hain. Jaane do naa. Vaise bhi tumhe dushmano ki kami nahin hain. Kabhi kabar dushman nahin banana ki koshish karo.
Ananya got up rather upset............
Ananya:- Fine!!!!!!!!!!! If you like them so much then you can stay with them. I give a damn.
While walking away she looked around and said in a calm voice..................
Ananya:- See you at home Akshay.
As Ananya was going out of the canteen, she saw a guy smoking a cigarette. She went to him and took out the cigarette from his mouth. She threw it on the ground and stamped it until it stopped releasing smoke.
Ananya:- Smoking is not allowed in college premises.
Guy:- What????????
Ananya:- Tujhe angrezi samajh main nahin aati kya? Thek hain. Hindi main samjhati hoon. College main tum cigarette nahin pe sakte. Agar marne ke itna he shock hain to khud mar. Dusroon ko mat maar.
As Ananya was leaving the guy said.......
Guy:- Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? Tu hoti kaun hain be?
Ananya:- Tera baap hoon be............  Agar aur ladna hain to bahar chal.
The guy kept quite as he knew it was no use. He knew very well that he would lose in any fight against her.
After she left Veer was still angry that Ananya got away with whatever she said.
Veer:- Why is she always picking on me? Usko aur koi kaam dhandha nahin hain kya?
Dharam:- Chodonaa Veer. Ladki hain. Kyun uske saath ulaj rahe ho?
Veer:- Toh kya? She only said that she doesn’t like partiality? So why should i treat her any different from what i would react when a guy does all this? I cant even get her. Sometimes she gets angry and punches anyone she likes or might i say hate and sometimes she acts like a social service person and throws cigarettes on the floor to protect people. What is with her? She doesn’t know me. I can be twice as arrogant as her.  (We all know that Veer)
Akshay:- Veer, tum nahin jaante ki uska vyavahaar aisa kyun hain. Yahan baaki sab log jaante hain. Tum naye ho. Isi liye usko galat samajh rahe ho.
Veer said in a very sarcastic tone..........
Veer:- Aisa kya bura hadhsa hua uske saath ke vo aisa behave kar rahi hain?
Akshay:- Well it goes like this....
But as they say the bell always rings at the wrong time. Break was over and Dharam, Veer and Akshay had to rush if they wanted to be to the lecture on time. Akshay said that he will tell the entire incident later. 

PART 6:-

After lunch, two lectures were cancelled which left only one lecture which was to be attended. College ended earlier than usual. Dharam and Veer are heading home. Veer eagerly wanted to know  Ananya’s story but Akshay had to get home and finish some urgent work.
 Veer had parked his bike in the college campus. Dharam didn’t do so as there wasn’t any space for a car to be parked. Veer headed towards his bike. He started the ignition but it wouldn’t start.
Dharam:- Kya hua Veer?
Veer:- Lagta hain ki ignition main problem hain. Lagta hain accident ke badh hui hogi.
Dharam:- Chalo tum humare saath aana aaj.
Veer:- Agar main tumhare saath aaya toh bike ko ghar lekar kaun jaaega?
Dharam:- Yeh tumhara bike bhi naa. Kitna samjhaya ki bike math khareed. Cars are more dependable.
Veer:- Dekho Dharam. Bike ke bare main kuch math bolna. (Veer bends down and strokes the fuel tank). Yeh mera pehla pyaar hain.
Dharam:- Bas bas! Itna melodramatic banane ki koi zaroorat nahin.
Veer:- Aur vaise bhi main tumhe disturb nahin karnaa chahata tha.
Dharam:- Tum mujhe kaise diturb kar sakte ho?
Veer:- Tum toh bar bar us ladki ke baare main sochoge naa.
Dharam:- Kaunsi ladki?
Veer:- Vo he jise tum aaj class main ghur ghurke dekh raha tha.
Dharam blushes. He couldn’t deny that he was starring.
Veer:- Oye hoye tamaatarr. Bas bhi kar. Vaise bhi mujhe bike ko garage le jaana padega. Main tumhe ghar par milta hoon. Haan! Aur ek aur baath, dhyaan rahe ki tera dhyaan raste pe ho aur us ladki par nahin.
Dharam goes away still red at the face.
Veer starts walking with his bike. He couldn’t take the bike all the way home as home was a good 1 hour away by walking. He had to find a garage somewhere. He asked some of the students whether they knew where the garage was. No one had any idea. Veer kept going ahead. While walking he saw Ananya with her bike parked on the road. Veer was again disappointed that out of all the people in the world he had to see her. She was standing near a Vada Pav wala. She was about to eat her Vada Pav when a small boy came up to her and asked her for some money. She looked at him and without hesitation gave her Vada Pav to him. She took another one and paid for both. She headed towards her bike.
Veer saw all of this and was completely surprised. He thought how can a girl who is so arrogant and egoistic be so kind? Something is strange. Something is fishy. Veer still didn’t understand her and couldn’t understand how to categorise her. Veer had to pass by Ananya. He had no option. He was expecting some comment from her and his guess was right. Ananya saw him and said.
Ananya:- Tumhe pataa hain, bike ko chalaaya jaata hain. Bike ke saath chalte nahin hain.
Veer:- Mujhe acchi tarah se pataa hain. Shayad teri yadhdash kamzor hain. Subh ke race ke badh bike kharab ho gaya.
Ananya:- No wonder! You were the one who rode it.
Veer:- I have no time to listen to your crap.
Ananya:- I never said that you have to listen to what i am saying. Its your fault that you are listening.
Veer:- Arrgh!!!! Just leave me alone.
Ananya sat on her bike.......................
Ananya:- Mechanic ke paas lekar jaana hain?
Veer (Surprised that Ananya was offering help) :- Haan! Lekar jaana hain.
Ananya:- Thekh hain to lekar jaa................... Permission lene ke koi zaroorat nahin.
Ananya vroomed past him.
Veer:- What an irritating pesk. How can Akshay handle this girl at home and in college. He must be so brave.
Veer finally managed to find a garage. The servicing would take a day so he left his bike there. He took a bus and went back home thinking about Ananya’s rude behaviour all the way. (Well atleast he thinking about her.)

PART 7:-

Veer finally reached his home. Dharam had already reached and had parked the car in their private lawn. Being born in a very rich family, Dharam and Veer never had to worry about anything. Neither did Dharam’s dad have to worry about any business problems like recession etc. Dharam and Veer got whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. But they never showed off their wealth and preferred going to a public college instead of a private one.
Veer closed the gate behind him and entered their private bungalow (Something very difficult to possess in Mumbai.) The  bungalow was a beautiful looking four storied white coloured house facing the sea. As Veer went inside, few girls having their daily jog looked at him and kept staring (No wonder!!!). Veer was used to girls looking at him and so was Dharam. But Veer never had any feelings for them. He was least bothered about girls. All he wanted was an empty road to ride his bike. Dharam never liked anyone before Sia.
Veer walked inside still very angry with the way Ananya was behaving with him. (Well he better get used to it!!). Veer entered the house, threw his bag on the enormous couch in the gorgeously furnitured living room and went into the state of the art kitchen having all the equipments any top chef would need and opened the glossy silver door of the refrigerator, removing a bottle of ice cold water. He began to drink when all of a sudden someone screamed in a melodramatic voice, “Beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........”
Veer almost spat the water which he was about to drink. He turned back and shrugged. It was his very filmy mother, Nivriti or Niv as she liked to be called.
Nivriti:- Beta!! Kahan gaye the tum? Tumhe pataa hain main kitni ghabaraa gayi thi? Tumhare bhai toh kabka laut chukka. Magar tumhe toh apni maa ki koi fikar nahin naa?
Veer:- Maa.....
Nivriti:- Nahin, kuch mat kaho.... Jab se tumhare dad marr gaye tab se tumne meri baat sunna he chod diya.
Veer:- Maa!! Dad mere paidaa hone se pehle he guzar gaye.
Nivriti:- Chup kar badhmaash. Main kitna darr gayi thi. Ab tum mujhe kabhi chodke mat jaana beta.
Veer lied down on the couch.
Veer:- Maa!! Kitna over acting karti ho. Kabhi toh dhang se acting kiya karo.
Nivriti:- Arre!! Ja ja... Tumhe kya pataa acting kya hota hain. Jitna jyadaa emotion ho utna jyadaa accha hota hain.
Veer:- Yeh emotion nahin, tension hain.
Nivriti:- Veer, tumhe kya pataa? Agar maine tumhe paidaa nahin kiya hota naa, toh Kajol ki jagah mujhe chunaa gaye hota Pyaar Toh Hona He Tha ke liye. Waise Kajol ne bhi thekh thakh kaam kiya tha.
Veer:- Mom, agar aap chune gaye hote toh film ka naam Flop Toh Hona He Tha huaa hota.
Nivriti:- Tum aise he mera mazaak udaate ho Veer.
Veer:- But I still love you Mom.
He went and hugged his Mom. (Aww!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nivriti:- Bas Bas!! Mujhse accha toh tu acting karta hain. Ab yahan baith aur mujhe tere college ke pehle din ke baare main bataa.
Veer:- College accha tha Maa.
Nivriti:- Aur vahaan ke log?
Veer:- Bahut he confusing hain Maa.
Nivriti:- Kyun????
Veer:- Kuch log bahut acche hain aur kuch log bahut rude hain.
Nivriti:- Ye kiske baare main baath kar rahe ho Veer?
Veer:- For example, there is Akshay and there is his very irritating twin sister Ananya. She is just behind me. Har baath pe mujhe irritate karti hain. And Akshay is so sweet on the other hand.
Nivriti:- Its alright Veer. You come across these kind of people. Just give her some time. Maybe, she will start appreciating you.
Veer:- Rehne do Maa. Zameen phathh jaaegi, aasmaan thuthh jaaega, magar Ananya ka attitude nahin badalega.
Nivriti:- Itna melodramatic banne ki koi zaroorat nahin.
Veer:- Main aap he ka beta hoon. Melodramatic he rahunga.
Nivriti raised her hand to hit him but Veer ran away from there.
Nivriti:- Chup badmaash. Jaldi mooh dholo aur khaana khaane ke liye aa jaao.
She looked at Veer’s bag lying on the couch and shrugged.
Nivriti:- Yeh ladka bhi naa, kabhi nahin sudarega.
She picked up his bag and went to his room.

PART 8:-

After an hour’s journey, Ananya finally reached her apartment in Bandstand (Bandra). Ananya never called it her home. A home was where she didn’t have to see her mother hiding her feelings. A home was a place where Ananya didn’t have to witness her mother crying silently into the night, every night. A home was a place where, Ananya could remain happy.
Her apartment was far from that. Ananya never liked the idea of having a bungalow. She always preferred apartments, high rise buildings where she could stay completely isolated from people. This one fulfilled all her needs. Situated on the 24th floor, this place was completely isolated.
She parked her bike in the parking lot and headed to the reception. As she was passing by, a watchman saluted. Ananya didn’t even bother to look at him. She never had the habit of being kind or just too polite. She always felt that there has to be a reason to do something. She pressed the button to the lift. The lift arrived and she pressed the button to the 24th floor. As the lift began to go up, Ananya suddenly closed her eyes. She could see her life flash by her. Suddeny, she viewed a man in his late thirties, looking at her and telling her, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright!!”
The lift came to a halt and Ananya opened her eyes. She walked out of the lift. She went towards a large dark wood door having a rectangular slit which was protected by steel grills. There was another inner to the already huge main door. She went towards the door and rang the bell. There was no answer. Impatiently she rang the bell again. The maid opened both the doors, looking rather frightened. She said, “Sorry baby! Aisa dobaara nahin hoga.” Ananya was vaguely listening to what the maid was saying. She just gave the maid her bag and removed her shoes. Ananya passed across the enormous living room to get to her room. The living room was state of the art, having all the needs of a home theatre. The 50-inch plasma screen TV was mounted on the wall. In front of it was the coffee table and a very huge and comfortable brown coloured leather couch.
Ananya was lying on a red coloured bean-bag in her room trying to forget what had happened to her and her family. She sat there looking at the sea from her balcony. After a long time she got up and went into the shower. She changed her clothes and was in the living room again.
She was about to switch on the TV when Akshay came home. Ananya looked at him and smiled.
Akshay:- Anu, you know very well that you were being too harsh with the new guys today.
Ananya:- What are you? Their bodyguard or something?
Akshay:- Cut it out. Isn’t it time that you stop behaving like that to each and every guy you meet?
Ananya:- You are just exaggerating. I behave properly with you.
Akshay:- Thats because you don’t have a choice. Those guys didn’t do anything to you. You are creating a bad impression about yourself. I know that you are not like that. You have to let go of the past.  How long will you keep blaming other people for someone else’s mistake. How long will you keep thinking about.....
He stopped talking when he saw Ananya stand up and stare at him angrily.
Ananya:- Shut up! What are you talking about? What are you saying? How can you ever tell me to forget what happened to me, what happened to you, what happened to Mom? You have gone insane. You might have forgotten everything but I can’t. I will never forget what happened to us.
Unknowing to her, tears started rolling down Ananya’s cheeks as she was shouting at Akshay.
Akshay:- I am just saying that it has been a long time. Its best for all of us to move on in life. You shouldn’t let those incidences harm you like this.
Ananya:- Nothing will ever heal what they have done to me. Mom has tried for years to calm me down. What makes you think that you will succeed?
Akshay:- I am just saying that it is time to forget all of this.
Ananya saw the maid standing at a corner of the hall and listening to the entire conversation.
Ananya(Shouted angrily):- Kaam khatam ho gaya?
The maid nodded.
Ananya:- Toh kya ab meri aarti uttarne ke liye ruki ho? Tum jaa sakte ho.
The maid hurried out of the house.
Akshay:- You didn’t have to yell at her. She couldn’t even understand what we were saying.
Ananya:- She gets paid to work and not to eavesdrop.
Akshay:- This is what has changed you. You weren’t like this. If you don’t forget it, your temper is gonna get worse.
Ananya:- Its none of your concern.
She walked back up to her room.
Ananya:- Let me tell you one thing. Nothing can ever cure what has happened. Don’t try getting into this argument with me again.
Saying this she slammed the door behind her.

PART 9:-

Veer ran to the 4th floor, towards his room. He closed the door behind him. Veer’s room’s interior decorations were made much against his will. His room was very elegant having a grey colour concept. All the furniture had a tint of grey to it. Even the bed cover was grey. Veer didn’t like it at all. But Nivitri had no intention to listen to Veer. She was not ready to ruin the interiors just for Veer. Well at least Veer was grateful that the walls were not grey. It was just plain white. There were a few modern art painting hung up on the wall. Veer never appreciated modern art. He felt that some kid has made a few scribbles and they are just selling that junk for crores. But Nivriti thought different. The only thing that was different in the room was Veer’s guitar which was metallic red in colour. His cousin had gifted it to him but he never had the opportunity to learn it.
Veer was smiling as he entered the room. He just loved irritating his mom. It brought such a satisfying smile to his face. Nothing else could ever do that. He was lying on the silky mattress which was on top of the bed and thinking about the entire day.
Veer (To himself):- That stupid Ananya!!!! Because of her my bike is ruined. I will definitely beat her during the challenge. She will repent that she ever challenged me.
Veer had a very annoying habit of talking to himself but he only did that when he was alone. He got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Veer came out of the shower and wore a towel. He started shaking his head from left to right in order to dry his hair. (Ya! Ya! I know that is Word Cannot be displayedy. Come on now people. Stop drooling!). He was still muttering about defeating Ananya. He came out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He looked at his room and gave out a scream.
Dharam was lying on Veer’s bed.
Veer:-  DHARAM! What are you doing? Can’t you knock before you enter?
Dharam:-  How can I? Your door was open.
Veer:-  You know, this is a really bad time to joke.
Dharam:- Look who is talking? By the way, shouldn’t you be wearing some clothes?
Veer:-  Jee....... Thanks. I didn’t know that I was half naked in front of you. Now go out I have to dress. Don’t expect me to do a Saawariya stunt.
Dharam:-  Fine. But I heard you muttering about Ananya.
Veer (Blushes!):- That was nothing.
Dharam:-  Oh God! Mujhe pataa nahin tha, that you could like someone so fast. Tu change ho gaya hain re.
Veer:-  Thats bullshit! You are saying that so that you can hide your true feelings.
Dharam:-  Tera matlab kya hain re? What do you mean by true feelings?
Veer:- Aha! You don’t have to be so innocent. I saw the way you were looking at that girl who was sitting beside you during the lecture.
Dharam (Blushes!):- Aisa kuch nahin tha. Hum bas.....
Veer:- Safai dene ki koi zaroorat nahin. Tu ab phas gaya hain. You can’t escape out of this.
Dharam:-  You have it wrong. Its just that....
Veer wasn’t even paying attention.
Veer (Sings):- Dharam ko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon.
Dharam:-  VEER! I won’t leave you for this.
Veer:- Tune mujhe pakada kahan hain Dharam.
Dharam runs after Veer. After running in circles around the room for a long time Dharam catches hold of Veer by holding his towel.
Veer:- Dharam! Mera towel chod.
Dharam:-  Nahin.
Veer:- Arre! What is this? I knew it! I should have never taken you to see Dostana. You have completely changed after that. What do you think this is? Dostana Part 2?
Dharam lets go of Veer just for a second. Veer takes advantage of this opportunity and runs into the bathroom.
Dharam:-  Just wait until you come out Veer. I won’t leave you for this.
Veer:- As I said earlier Dharam, tune mujhe pakada he kahan hain?
Hearing this Dharam stomps his way out of the room.
No one in Ananya’s apartment had celebrated any festival or had a satisfyingly pleasant moment for the past 10 years. Each day Dharam and Veer would have their fun fights and laugh and giggle and watch Nivriti act out a few scenes from her favourite movies. The giggling and laughing had slowly disappeared from Ananya’s face and life years ago.
Ananya lay on her bed. All the tears after shouting at Akshay had dried up. She lay on her bed just gazing out, gazing into the vast nothingness of the sky. She was starving but her mind and ego was refusing to let her eat. Akshay came in her room. She turned back, glanced at him and then stared back to look at the sky.
Ananya:- What do you want?
Akshay:- I brought you some food. I know you like to eat with Mom but you know she has gone to London.
Ananya:- I am not hungry. Just go from here.
Akshay didn’t pay attention to her. He sat beside her.
Akshay:- I told you so many times, never punish your stomach. If you are hungry then just eat something.
Ananya:- Maine kaha naa, mujhe bhuk nahin hain. Now just go from here.
Akshay:- Okay. You were right. That was a sensitive topic to discuss. I won’t take that issue the next time. Okay? Now will you eat.
Ananya was still looking out.
Akshay:- Today’s subzi is your favourite, Paneer Makhanwala!!!!!!!
Ananya looked at the plate. She sat up.
Akshay:- Please!!!
Ananya smiled.
Akshay:- That’s such a relief. Now the subzi won’t go to waste.
Ananya smiled again.
Akshay took out a piece of roti, dipped it in the subzi and fed it to her. She did the same for Akshay.
Akshay:- How did you know that I didn’t eat?
Ananya:- Because you are just like mom. You won’t eat if I haven’t eaten.
After they finished their dinner Akshay wished Ananya goodnight and went out of the room.
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DharamVeer in 21st Century - Part 28 - Page 35
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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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anu wow ur story is just awesome i love it
oops imagining veer in towel is fun n even more dostana btw dv lol me on floor rofling
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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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anu previously I read ur introduction in other site. But have not read the story yet. I am going to read it and reply after reading.

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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What a story. I cannot stop my laugh. Sawariya act, dostana part 2. So hilarious and the conversation between nivi and veer OSO. It does not seem to be ur first ff. U are a professional writer. When will u give ur next update? Waiting for that.

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Very nice story, this is truly different in the sense its dv in 21st centaury, I really like all the college scenes, and u had me laughing in almost all the parts. Nivis character I think u have styled on srks mom chara in om shanty om, its really funny.  I am intrigued with ananyas past. hope u reveal that soon. Its really a very brilliant story with romance, fights, ched chad, and some suspense and emotion.

btw I have added ur fan fic to the fan fic corner

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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anu wow ur story is just awesome i love it
oops imagining veer in towel is fun n even more dostana btw dv lol me on floor rofling
Thank you. Yup. Me too was imagining Veer in towel. Thank you for commenting.

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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What a story. I cannot stop my laugh. Sawariya act, dostana part 2. So hilarious and the conversation between nivi and veer OSO. It does not seem to be ur first ff. U are a professional writer. When will u give ur next update? Waiting for that.
Thank you. Itna bhi compliment mat kar yaar. But still so sweet of you. Thank you.

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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Very nice story, this is truly different in the sense its dv in 21st centaury, I really like all the college scenes, and u had me laughing in almost all the parts. Nivis character I think u have styled on srks mom chara in om shanty om, its really funny.  I am intrigued with ananyas past. hope u reveal that soon. Its really a very brilliant story with romance, fights, ched chad, and some suspense and emotion.

btw I have added ur fan fic to the fan fic corner
Thank you so much for adding this ff. I am glad that you liked it.

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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Thank you so much. Glad that you appreciated it.

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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very funny n nice .. do update soon

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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wow.....anu... :-* :-* :-* :-*
u posted ff.......... :-* :-* :-* :-*
love ur ff :-* :-* :-*
Rajat thanks a lot for everything esp d family on rtw i got coz of u....
yeh yeh i got one award..muahhh my dearies for not forgetting me :( even after bein busy *sob sob

The best gift ever of my life from my cheli Minoo...

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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a very nice and funny story, loved it, and the reference to the movies and nivis overacting was hillarious

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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very nice and humaouus....

really wonderful thanx

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Re: FF - DharamVeer in 21st Century
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very funny n nice .. do update soon
thank you for liking it

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