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Dear Members of Rajattokasworld.com,


Rajattokasworld.com is a site created for all Rajat Tokas fans so that they can not only share information and enjoy in here but also feel at home. Our main motive is to provide a welcoming, clean, healthy and warm environment to members. We have made certain rules for forum usage that you all need to follow. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that the members do not feel themselves harassed, abused or offended personally at any point of time. Please read these rules before you start, so that our motto of keeping each member happy here is fulfilled. Non – compliance of rules might result in loss of your privileges to access various forum sections, temporary suspension of membership or even permanent ban on membership.


1.   The contents of Rajattokasworld.com are a sole copy write of the web site. A strict action would be taken against member(s) if found guilty of posting the contents to other web sites or forums.
2.   Please do not use any abusive language or harsh words in your posts and messages.
3.   Abusing or use of objectionable words for Rajat or will not be tolerated at any cost. Any person writing objectionable words will be banned straight away with no warning. Please maintain a dignity towards the star and take care that you do not post anything in the forum as an attempt to harm his image.
4.   Posting gossips and rumors about Rajat or his criticism is strictly banned. Any member found accused would be strictly held upon.
5.   Any false news posted regarding Rajat will not be entertained.
6.   Any abusive posts criticizing any moderator(s) of Rajattokasworld.com will be deleted. Please pay due respect to the management of Rajattokasworld.com. Any person found working against the management will be held upon strictly.
7.   There are different forums for discussions of various types. Please make sure that you post topics in their relevant forums.
8.   Before posting messages or starting a new post ensure that a similar topic has not been posted earlier. If yes please do comment in that topic itself. Try not to create multiple topics for similar kind of discussions. This would make discussions easier and simple.
9.   Please use titles for new posts that make very clear of the content it has to the reader.
10.   Posting messages so as to create unrest or tension in forum or amongst members will not be tolerated. Any person found sending personal messages advertising other web sites or criticizing any member(s) or Management of Rajattokasworld.com. will be considered working against us and will be help upon.
11.   Posts written directly / indirectly or to personally attack any member(s) will not be encouraged at any cost.
12.   Do not post contents from other web sites as this is violation of copy writes. If this is observed a serious action will be taken.
13. Any contenet once published in Rajattokasworld.com will be property of the site and its sole discretion to use it it any way.
14.   Please participate in various contests and games in a healthy manner with the spirit of may the best person win. Any kind of violent terms or harassment towards other participants is not allowed.
15.   Ant attempts made to breach forum security or unauthorized access to any user accounts is strictly prohibited.
16. Posting of news and stuff on actors other than RAJAT TOKAS is prohibited in forum.
17. Please do not use creations/siggies/Video mixes made by others without permission of the creator. Editing of other member's creations to make them your own is not a good idea.

Rajattokasworld.com is your home. Our members are our asset. We want each one to be happy. No one will ever be sad in Rajat's World if you follow these simple rules. If you have any concerns or problems regarding the web site / forums please feel free to contact our help desk or moderators for proper assistance. For more details of rules please visit the link http://www.rajattokasworld.com/disclaimer

So please follow the rules and be happy!


Best wishes,
Rajat Tokas World Management

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