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Gallery Name Gallery Description Total Images
Jodha AkbarPlease feel free to upload any pictures of the show Jodha Akbar in this gallery to share with others and to be used at a later day. 191
PRC Gallery Pictures of PRC episodes and Rajat as Prithvi933
Dharamveer GalleryAll pictures of DV episodes and Rajat as Veer you can add here244
Mughda galleryPictures of Mugdha Chapekar536
Rajat Tokas Offcreen PicturesCollection of all off screen pictures of Rajat315
SiggiesA perfect place to upload your creations390
AvisU may upload all your avi's here9
Decoration itemsThis album is for all decoration items113
Rajat's Photoshoot PicturesExclusive pics of Rajat Tokas' Photoshoot first on Rajat Tokas World38
Rajat Tokas Interview PicturesThis gallery will have all pictures of Rajat as he appeared in SBS or other interviews129
Prithvi-Sanyo GalleryThis gallery has all pictures of Prithi-sanyo pair129
Veer-Shera GalleryThis gallery will have all pictures of Veer - Shera Pair23
Bappi Da Tusse Great hoHere are all pictures related to Rajat's first movie on floor " Bappi Da tusse great ho"19
IconsContains forum icons made by DEV TEAM Members25
Tere Liye GalleryThis gallery will have all pictures from Rajat Toaks Show Tere Liye31
Rajat and his mom17

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